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Max Conv Cap DP Deprn @ LCL + 100hPa
T500 Lifted T@500
T850 TD850 Mixing Depth (km)
T Surface TD Surface Wind Speed Surface (km/hr)
[T=Temperature(C)] [TD=Dew Point
Temperature (C)]
Drought Factor (0 to 10)


Ventilation Index...
Lifted Index...
Dry storm potential...
Mid-Level Haines Index...
Continuous Haines Index...
Fuel Moisture Content...
Fire Danger Index...
PyroCb Index (interim)...

Dry storm potential is an interpolation of the published research.
The PyroCb Index is a research concept looking to develop experience in the
atmospheric parmaters under which pyroCbs form. The index looks at LCL,
dew point depression above the LCL and the strength of the convective cap.
Fire Danger Index uses the Simple Index of McRae and Sharples.
Note that all fire danger indices are wind times a metric of the surface
adiabatic mixing triangle on the Aerological Diagram.
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