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Citation McRae, R., Sharples, J., Wilkes, S. & Walker, A. (submitted). An Australian Pyro-tornadogenesis event. Submitted to Natural Hazards.

An Australian pyro-tornadogenesis event.

Author(s) Rick McRae;Jason Sharples;Stephen Wilkes;Alan Walker.
Abstract On 18 January 2003 fires had a devastating impact on Australia's capital, Canberra. A series of reviews and scientific studies have examined the events of that day and indicate that the worstimpacts were due to a series of violent pyroconvective events and resultant pyro-cumulonmibi. These coupled fire-atmosphere events are much more energetic than normal fires. In one instance an intense pyroconvective cell developed a tornado, the first confirmed pyro-tornadogenesis in Australia. Here we discuss aspects of the formation, evolution and decay of the tornado, which was estimated to have been of at least F2 intensity, highlighting a process that can significantly increase the damage of a wildfire event.
Keywords pyro-tornadogenesis; pyro-cumulonimbus; tornado; wildfire
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