This is the list of Australian fire thunderstorm / pyrocumulonimbus / pyroCb events.
These form when a fire couples with the atmosphere above the LCL, as a result of deep flaming and an unstable profile.

The data here are the result of a collaborative global effort since 2003: Mike Fromm, Rick McRae, Rene Servrackx, Andrew Tupper, Jason Sharples, Colin Seftor, Dan Lindsay, Dave Peterson, Zachary Esch, Kevin Tory and others in the PyroCb discussion group.
This list is maintained by Adjunct Professor Rick McRae, UNSW Canberra, Bushfire Research Group at ADFA.
Any new information relevant to these events, or to others not in the register, should be forwarded to

The last entry is for December, 2023. The last edit was in May 2024.

Update 22 Feb 2022: Thanks to Dr Colin Seftor, NASA OMPS, we have used N7 TOMS AI data to show that on Ash Wednesday, 16 Feb 1983, there were pyroCbs from both the Adelaide Hills Fire (1983a) and the fire near Lorne (1983b). This potential was indicated by research into the precursor drought.

Click here for a graph of the register count over time.

The graph contains an exponential curve to indicte the nature of the growth pattern.

This register is intended to be used for research purposes, and may be cited as:

McRae R. (2023). Australia PyroCb Register, May 2024. Published on-line at:

Temporal Trends in pyroCb Occurence in Australia

The Register indicates that the occurence pattern is evolving over time. This is made clear by the following graphs: Note the strong latitudinal trend towards the tropics.
In both graphs a map is used as a background for orientation, but only one of latitude or longitude is to be inferred from that map for either graph. The graphs use all Register entries, whatever the level of confidence. Please cite the Register if this material is used for any purpose.

1983a1983 (16 Feb) SA: Adelaide Hills198316/02/1983SAAdelaide Hills137.5-35High
1983b1983 (16 Feb) Vic: Lorne198316/02/1983VicLorne144-38High
1983c1983 (09 Jan) ACT: Gudgenby198309/01/1983ACTGudgenby149-35.5Moderate
1994a1994 (23 Jan) WA: WSW Kalgoorlie199423/01/1994WAWSW Kalgoorlie120-32Moderate
1995a1995 (25 Feb) Vic: Berringa199525/02/1995VicBerringa143.7-37.8Very high
1998a1998 (02 Feb) Vic: Caledonia River199802/02/1998VicCaledonia River146.8-37.5Very high
2001a2001 (18 Jan) WA: Splinter Rock200118/01/2001WASplinter Rock122.9-33.1Very high
2002a2002 (17 Dec) Vic: Big Desert200217/12/2002VicBig Desert141-35.7Very high
2003a2003 (10 Jan) WA: Mount Cooke200310/01/2003WAMount Cooke116.3-32.4Very high
2003b2003 (17 Jan) ACT: Stockyard Spur200317/01/2003ACTStockyard Spur148.9-35.5Very high
2003c2003 (17 Jan) NSW: Cabramurra200317/01/2003NSWCabramurra148.5-36Very high
2003d2003 (17 Jan) NSW: Thredbo200317/01/2003NSWThredbo148.3-36.5Very high
2003e2003 (18 Jan) NSW: Broken Cart Fire200318/01/2003NSWBroken Cart Fire148.6-35.5Very high
2003f2003 (18 Jan) ACT: Stockyard Complex200318/01/2003ACTStockyard Complex148.9-35.6Very high
2003g2003 (18 Jan) ACT: Stockyard Complex200318/01/2003ACTStockyard Complex148.8-35.5Very high
2003h2003 (18 Jan) NSW: McIntyres Hut Fire200318/01/2003NSWMcIntyres Hut Fire148.8-35.3Very high
2003i2003 (18 Jan) NSW: Tumut River200318/01/2003NSWTumut River148.4-36Very high
2003j2003 (26 Jan) NSW: Alpine Complex200326/01/2003NSWAlpine Complex147-37Very high
2003k2003 (30 Jan) NSW: Alpine Complex200330/01/2003NSWAlpine Complex148-37Very high
2006a2006 (19 Jan) Vic: Grampians200619/01/2006VicGrampians142.4-37.3Very high
2006b2006 (22 Nov) NSW: Wollemi200622/11/2006NSWWollemi150.3-32.8Very high
2006c2006 (22 Nov) NSW: Grose Valley200622/11/2006NSWGrose Valley150.3-33.6Very high
2006d2006 (29 Nov) NSW: Pilliga200629/11/2006NSWPilliga149.2-31Very high
2006e2006 (06 Dec) Vic: Dandongadale200606/12/2006VicDandongadale146.6-36.8Moderate
2006f2006 (06 Dec) Vic: Basalt Knob #1200606/12/2006VicBasalt Knob #1146.5-37.4Moderate
2006g2006 (06 Dec) Vic: Licola200606/12/2006VicLicola146.8-37.6Moderate
2006h2006 (10 Dec) Vic: Black Range200610/12/2006VicBlack Range146.6-37.8Moderate
2006i2006 (10 Dec) Vic: Basalt Knob #2200610/12/2006VicBasalt Knob #2146.5-37.4Moderate
2006j2006 (10 Dec) Vic: Turton river200610/12/2006VicTurton river147-37.7Moderate
2006k2006 (14 Dec) Vic: East Licola200614/12/2006VicEast Licola146.8-37.6Moderate
2006l2006 (14 Dec) Vic: Thomson River200614/12/2006VicThomson River146.6-38Moderate
2006m2006 (14 Dec) Vic: Gaffneys Creek200614/12/2006VicGaffneys Creek146.2-37.5Moderate
2007a2007 (16 Jan) Vic: Mount Buller200716/01/2007VicMount Buller146.4-37.1Very high
2009a2009 (07 Feb) Vic: Kilmore Gap200907/02/2009VicKilmore Gap145.1-37.2Very high
2009b2009 (07 Feb) Vic: Murrundindi200907/02/2009VicMurrundindi145.5-37.4Very high
2009c2009 (07 Feb) Vic: Bunyip200907/02/2009VicBunyip145.7-37.9Very high
2009d2009 (07 Feb) Vic: Dargo200907/02/2009VicDargo147.16-37.24Very high
2009e2009 (07 Feb) Vic: Beechworth200907/02/2009VicBeechworth146.7-36.4Very high
2010a2010 (18 Feb) WA: Esperance201018/02/2010WAEsperance122.2-33.1Very high
2012a2012 (18 Oct) WA: Deserts201218/10/2012WADeserts125.1-27.3Very high
2012b2012 (18 Oct) WA: Deserts201218/10/2012WADeserts124.8-26.5Very high
2012c2012 (18 Oct) WA: Deserts201218/10/2012WADeserts126.7-27.4Very high
2012d2012 (18 Oct) WA: Deserts201218/10/2012WADeserts126-27.6Very high
2012e2012 (18 Oct) WA: Deserts201218/10/2012WADeserts126.7-28.3Very high
2012f2012 (29 Oct) WA: Deserts201229/10/2012WADeserts122.8-28.5Very high
2013a2013 (04 Jan) Tas: Dunalley201304/01/2013TasDunalley147.7-42.9Very high
2013b2013 (13 Jan) NSW: Wambelong201313/01/2013NSWWambelong149-31.3Very high
2013c2013 (21 Feb) Vic: Grampians201321/02/2013VicGrampians142.3-37.3Very high
2014a2014 (16 Jan) Vic: Grampians201416/01/2014VicGrampians142.4-37Very high
2014b2014 (17 Jan) Vic: Grampians201417/01/2014VicGrampians142.3-37.1Very high
2014c2014 (09 Feb) Vic: East Gippsland201409/02/2014VicEast Gippsland148.5-37.3Very high
2015a2015 (07 Jan) Vic: Black Range201507/01/2015VicBlack Range142.1-37.1Very high
2015b2015 (07 Jan) Vic: Nhill201507/01/2015VicNhill141.4-36.5Moderate
2016a2016 (06 Jan) WA: Waroona201606/01/2016WAWaroona116-32.9Very high
2016b2016 (07 Jan) WA: Waroona201607/01/2016WAWaroona116-32.9Very high
2016c2016 (07 Jan) WA: Waroona201607/01/2016WAWaroona116-32.9Very high
2016d2016 (05 Dec) Qld: Cecil Plains201605/12/2016QldCecil Plains151-28.2Moderate
2016e2016 (06 Dec) Qld: Cecil Plains201606/12/2016QldCecil Plains151-28.2Moderate
2016f2016 (07 Dec) WA: Cocklebiddy201607/12/2016WACocklebiddy126-32.1Very high
2017a2017 (12 Feb) NSW: Sir Ivan Fire201712/02/2017NSWSir Ivan Fire149.55-32.05Very high
2018a2018 (04 Nov) WA: Deserts201804/11/2017WADeserts122.3-21High
2017b2017 (08 Nov) WA: Table Hill201708/11/2017WATable Hill117.02-34.65Very high
2017c2017 (08 Nov) WA: Table Hill201708/11/2017WATable Hill117.16-34.69Very high
2019a2019 (25 Jan) Vic: Timbarra201925/01/2019VicTimbarra148.1-37.1Very high
2019b2019 (03 Feb) Vic: Timbarra201903/02/2019VicTimbarra148.16-36.97Very high
2019c2019 (03 Feb) Vic: Walhalla201903/02/2019VicWalhalla146.53-37.96Very high
2019d2019 (27 Feb) WA: Goldfields201927/02/2019WAGoldfields120.7-32.5Very high
2019e2019 (27 Feb) WA: Goldfields201927/02/2019WAGoldfields122.7-33Very high
2019f2019 (27 Feb) WA: Goldfields201927/02/2019WAGoldfields122.7-33Very high
2019g2019 (01 Mar) WA: Goldfields201901/03/2019WAGoldfields124.5-24.5Very high
2019h2019 (01 Mar) WA: Goldfields201901/03/2019WAGoldfields124.3-28.5Very high
2019i2019 (02 Mar) Vic: Licola201902/03/2019VicLicola146.7-37.6Very high
2019j2019 (02 Mar) Vic: Bunyip201902/03/2019VicBunyip145.7-38Very high
2019k2019 (03 Mar) Vic: Licola201903/03/2019VicLicola146.7-37.65Very high
2019l2019 (03 Mar) Vic: Bunyip201903/03/2019VicBunyip146.9-38.2Very high
2019m2019 (04 Mar) Vic: Licola201904/03/2019VicLicola146.75-37.7Very high
2019n2019 (04 Mar) Vic: High Plains201904/03/2019VicHigh Plains147.2-37.1Very high
2019o2019 (04 Mar) Vic: Dargo201904/03/2019VicDargo147.1-37.4Very high
2019p2019 (04 Mar) Vic: Mt Wellington201904/03/2019VicMt Wellington146.8-37.5Very high
2019q2019 (05 Mar) Vic: Tea TreeRange201905/03/2019VicTea TreeRange147-37.3Very high
2019r2019 (05 Mar) Vic: Dargo201905/03/2019VicDargo147.27-37.2Very high
2019s2019 (05 Mar) Vic: Licola201905/03/2019VicLicola146.8-37.7Very high
2019t2019 (05 Mar) Vic: Dargo201905/03/2019VicDargo147.3-37.2Very high
2019u2019 (22 Nov) NSW: Grose Valley201922/11/2019NSWGrose Valley150.44-33.6Very high
2019at2019 (10 Dec) NSW: Gibraltar Range201910/12/2019NSWGibraltar Range152.2-29.5Very high
2019au2019 (10 Dec) NSW: Nullo Mtn201910/12/2019NSWNullo Mtn150.3-32.8Very high
2019av2019 (10 Dec) NSW: Cockatoo Hill201910/12/2019NSWCockatoo Hill150.3-33.4Moderate
2019aw2019 (10 Dec) NSW: Mt Carrington201910/12/2019NSWMt Carrington151.8-31.4Very high
2019ax2019 (10 Dec) NSW: Paddys flat201910/12/2019NSWPaddys flat152.4-28.7Very high
2019w2019 (10 Dec) NSW: Mt Werong201910/12/2019NSWMt Werong149.98-34.08Very high
2019v2019 (10 Dec) Vic: Mt Skene201910/12/2019VicMt Skene146.4-37.5Moderate
2019x2019 (14 Dec) Vic: Grant Junction201914/12/2019VicGrant Junction147.2-37.4Moderate
2019y2019 (18 Dec) WA: Esperance201918/12/2019WAEsperance120-32.6Very high
2019z2019 (19 Dec) NSW: West of Sydney201919/12/2019NSWWest of Sydney149.79-34.12Very high
2019aa2019 (20 Dec) Vic: Tambo Crossing201920/12/2019VicTambo Crossing147.85-37.65Very high
2019ab2019 (21 Dec) NSW: Ilford201921/12/2019NSWIlford149.8-33Very high
2019ac2019 (21 Dec) NSW: Ulladulla201921/12/2019NSWUlladulla150.28-35.19Very high
2019ac2019 (21 Dec) NSW: Mt Irvine201921/12/2019NSWMt Irvine150.4-33.6Very high
2019ad2019 (28 Dec) NSW: Tumut area201928/12/2019NSWTumut area148.16-35.42Very high
2019ae2019 (28 Dec) NSW: Badja area201928/12/2019NSWBadja area149.5-36.17Very high
2019af2019 (28 Dec) NSW: Ulladulla area201928/12/2019NSWUlladulla area149.97-35.58Very high
2019ag2019 (28 Dec) NSW: Nowra area201928/12/2019NSWNowra area150.43-34.9Very high
2019ag2019 (28 Dec) NSW: Mt Tianjara201928/12/2019NSWMt Tianjara150.2-35Very high
2019ah2019 (29 Dec) NSW: Wombeyan Caves area201929/12/2019NSWWombeyan Caves area150-34.3Very high
2019ah2019 (29 Dec) Vic: Goonjerah201929/12/2019VicGoonjerah148.7-37.3Very high
2019ai2019 (29 Dec) Vic: Cann River201929/12/2019VicCann River149.4-37.6Very high
2019ak2019 (30 Dec) NSW: E of Cooma201930/12/2019NSWE of Cooma149.8-36.1Very high
2019aj2019 (30 Dec) Vic: Wulgulmerang201930/12/2019VicWulgulmerang148.9-37.3Very high
2019al2019 (30 Dec) Vic: Cann River201930/12/2019VicCann River149.4-37.6Very high
2019am2019 (30 Dec) Vic: Cann River201930/12/2019VicCann River149.4-37.6Very high
2019an2019 (30 Dec) Vic: Ensay201930/12/2019VicEnsay147.8-37.4Very high
2019ao2019 (30 Dec) Vic: Diggers Hole201930/12/2019VicDiggers Hole148.13-37.09Very high
2019ap2019 (30 Dec) Vic: Bullumwaal201930/12/2019VicBullumwaal147.63-37.62Very high
2019as2019 (30 Dec) Vic: Goonjerah201930/12/2019VicGoonjerah148.44-37.71Very high
2019aq2019 (31 Dec) NSW: Yarrangobilly201931/12/2019NSWYarrangobilly148.1-35.7Very high
2019ar2019 (31 Dec) NSW: Nowra201931/12/2019NSWNowra150.5-35Very high
2020a2020 (01 Jan) NSW: Nullo Mtn202001/01/2020NSWNullo Mtn150.25-32.72Very high
2020b2020 (04 Jan) NSW: Nowra202004/01/2020NSWNowra150.4-34.8Very high
2020c2020 (04 Jan) NSW: Cabramurra202004/01/2020NSWCabramurra148.3-35.5Very high
2020d2020 (04 Jan) NSW: W of Mt Kosciuszko202004/01/2020NSWW of Mt Kosciuszko148.1-36.5Very high
2020e2020 (04 Jan) NSW: Cabramurra202004/01/2020NSWCabramurra148.3-35.5Very high
2020f2020 (08 Jan) WA: Belladonia202008/01/2020WABelladonia123.2-32.7Very high
2020g2020 (08 Jan) WA: Belladonia202008/01/2020WABelladonia123.9-33.1Very high
2020h2020 (08 Jan) WA: Bald Rock Fire202008/01/2020WABald Rock Fire119.6-32.5Moderate
2020i2020 (08 Jan) WA: Lake King Fire202008/01/2020WALake King Fire120-33Moderate
2020j2020 (08 Jan) WA: Wingarnie202008/01/2020WAWingarnie121.6-31.9Moderate
2020k2020 (01 Feb) ACT: Mt Clear202001/02/2020ACTMt Clear149.1-35.9Very high
2020l2020 (01 Feb) NSW: Tantawangalo202001/02/2020NSWTantawangalo149.6-36.8Very high
2021a2021 (23 Jan) WA: Balladonia202123/01/2021WABalladonia123.52-32.05Very high
2023a2023 (24 Oct) WA: Great Sandy Desert202324/10/2013WAGreat Sandy Desert121.8-19.6Very high
2023b2023 (25 Oct) NSW: Nymboida202325/10/2023NSWNymboida152.7-29.9Very high
2023c2023 (03 Nov) WA: Gibson Desert202303/11/2023WAGibson Desert128.36-23.26High
2023d2023 (09 Dec) NSW: Pilliga202309/12/2023NSWPilliga149.5-30.8High
2023e2023 (18 Dec) NSW: Pilliga202318/12/2023NSWPilliga149.7-30.98Very high
2023f2023 (29 Dec) WA: Great Sandy Desert202329/12/2023WAGreat Sandy Desert127.1-20.5High
2023g2023 (29 Dec) WA: Great Sandy Desert202329/12/2023WAGreat Sandy Desert127.2-21.3Very high
2023h2023 (31 Dec) Qld: Gulf Country202331/12/2023QldGulf Country142.1-19.7Very high
2023i2023 (31 Dec) Qld: Gulf country202331/12/2023QldGulf country142.1-19.6Very high