The HighFire Risk Project

Project team:
Ass. Prof. Jason Sharples, University of New South Wales, Canberra ;
Rick McRae, ACT Emergency Services Agency

To all Austral firefighters...
may you have a quiet and safe fire season!


REPORT An end-user oriented report on our research findings.
MAPS A series of maps of the high country showing terrain patterns that contribute to some of the critical processes that have been identified by our research.
PAPERS A series of technical papers arising from our research into critical processes that have been identified by our research.
TOOLS A series of training and awareness products developed (or being developed) to aid in the operational use of the research.
RESOURCES A series of resources to aid in the application of the research.

This is draft but essential material, and is not yet authorised.
A series of resources to aid in training field crews to use the research.
It is pitched at general, operational and expert users.

2011 FIRE WEATHER & RISK WORKSHOP HFR is pleased to be able to host the web content for this workshop.
LONG-TERM RECOVERY AFTER A WILDFIRE ON THE URBAN EDGE A long-term time series of photographs after a hot wildfire on Black Mountain in the centre of Canberra, 14th February, 1991. The results may surprise you!

Himawari-8 satellite images. This gives you easy access to near real-time Himawari-8 geostationary satellite imagery. Images provided by Space Science Engineering Center, University of Wisconsin at Madison.

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